Luxembourg   Food  Bank 

Sharing and redistribution
to the most needy

« Together,
we serve »

It was in 2001 that our club created the Luxembourg Food Bank, in collaboration with the Ligue médico-sociale and the Croix-Rouge.

Since then, the Food Bank has been collecting and distributing food to the needy throughout the country. Each year, 70 tons of non-perishable foodstuffs are collected by the Lions to help more than 900 families. In 2017, the Food Bank was officially recognised as a public utility.

Since 01.01.2018, the Food Bank benefits from the FEAD plan of the European Communities

In 2021, the volunteers of the Food Bank prepared 9,000 parcels, i.e. an average of 200 parcels per working week. This represents a total weight of more than 63 tonnes of foodstuffs and 19,000 litres of milk. This made it possible to provide food for 26,000 people via the associations that have signed agreements.

The Food Bank has no salaried staff and the rent for its storage shed is paid by the Lions Foundation. All donations, whether food or financial, are used exclusively for the benefit of the most needy.

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