" How to support our actions?"

The challenge for any club is to find the means to achieve its ambitions.

Like all Lions, the desire of our club members is to"serve" the community in which we operate but also to find their own benefit by participating in enriching and fun activities.

Financing our social actions does not prevent us from having fun at the same time, from making beautiful encounters, nor from keeping abreast of the major trends, technological or social.

Our club participates in various projects, but we mainly focus our efforts on 5 activities that we organize annually:

  • We Cuisine : meal prepared by the Lions in November
  • We Pétanque: Petanque trophy, in June at the Boulodrome National de Belvaux
  • We Post: selling postage stamps with our club logo
  • We Rallye : tourist rally, in September, in the Greater Region
  • We Quizz : musical blindtest in January, virtually or in Luxembourg

We regularly organise conferences, either in-house or open to the public: we have had experts talk to us about the Internet of Things, the state of research into Alzheimer's disease in Luxembourg, wood wiring, the block chain, artificial intelligence, etc.