PARO Project 

Un robot pour les patients
atteints d’Alzheimer

« Together,

we serve »

A small robotic animal that looks like a... seal will improve the treatment of patients with behavioural disorders.

A seal-like emotional therapy robot named "PARO" will be a valuable support for the Geriatric Clinic Sainte-Marie in Esch-sur-Alzette, experts say.

An inexperienced person might think it's just another gimmick, but experts say it's a valuable support for the clinic.

Robert Schuman Hospitals (RSH) is working closely with the Lions Club Luxembourg International to acquire "a unique resident". A white seal will soon join the ranks of the 6,000 robots that have been helping to treat patients with Alzheimer's disease in at least 30 countries for several years, the hospitals said.

Projet paro

17 beds available in the department

Nothing seems impossible for this little ball of synthetic fur powered by seven motors. PARO's head, eyes, tail and fins move freely, making it capable of anything.

According to a press release, it is even able to communicate with doctors thanks to "several sensors and microphones".

This little seal will therefore start work in the cognitive-behavioural unit of the Schuman Hospitals, which has 17 beds for "elderly patients with dementia and behavioural crises".

PARO, which, according to previous studies, "reduces anxiety, irritation, aggression, depression, apathy and wandering", will help these patients to calm down and ease their worries.