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Dear friends,

Welcome to the official website of the Lions Club Luxembourg International!

The Lions Club is the largest and most significant organization of philanthropic, charitable, and humanitarian clubs worldwide, (1.4 million members in more than 46,000 clubs, spread across 220 countries and territories).

Our Lions Club Luxembourg International was established in 1972, by Marcel Flammang, with the aim of promoting the values of community service, solidarity, and sharing.

Since its inception, we have worked tirelessly to add value to our community and beyond. We are committed each day to improving the quality of life for those in need, supporting causes such as the fight against poverty, social exclusion, education, and health.

At Lions Club Luxembourg International, we believe in the power of collective effort and, by collaborating with other organizations (such as the Food Bank, the Raoul Follereau Foundation, the Conquer Cancer Foundation, etc.), we seek to have a significant and lasting impact on the communities we serve.

It should be known that our club regularly organizes events and initiatives to raise funds and awareness for the social actions we deeply care about.

Our club is also a founding member of the Food Bank of Luxembourg, as well as an active partner in food and hygiene product collections, which are distributed to the needy through charitable associations.

By browsing our website, you will discover the various initiatives and projects we have undertaken, as well as upcoming events.

We invite individuals, businesses, and organizations to join us and actively participate in our social actions. Together, we can make a real and positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Please feel free to explore our website to learn more about our club, our members, and our actions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about how you can get involved or support our projects. (contact@lcli.lu)

Thank you for your interest in Lions Club Luxembourg International!

Nicola AGUS

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