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Word from the President

Dear Visitors, Dear Friends,

Welcome to our Lions Club Luxembourg-International!

If you are here, it means that you have an interest in the social subject: you appreciate altruism, ethics, generosity, gentility, friendship and commitment. You are on the right page!

To be a Lion is to experience self-giving in a different way and to contribute to developing a spirit of understanding between the peoples of the world. Becoming a Lion means living acts of generosity: a gesture can be modest, personal, significant or profound. Everyone acts in their own way:

"Each of our one and a half million members is different. It is precisely these differences that make us strong, that make us Lions" Jung Yul Choi, former International President.

What a privilege for the club's first female president to have a new visual identity and a new website and, above all, to be able to inaugurate these new means! They will allow us to better promote our activities but also to show you the projects we are doing for the community we have been serving for 50 years already.

This year is really rich for our club: we are lucky to have new members who are very motivated and already bringing their dynamism and new ideas.

What about our projects?
Of course, our club's main social project is and remains the Banque Alimentaire du Luxembourg: we have been associated with it since it was founded, 21 years ago now.

Each year, we provide the food collections and financially support this organisation, which, through its 20 social partners on the ground, helps nearly 1,000 people a week to feed themselves. We are also committed to Ukraine through the Lions Foundation.

We also continue to pursue the initiative of our Past Governor, Daniel Becker, to help people with Alzheimer's by promoting Alzheimer's related programmes. Of course, this implies significant recurring financial needs. That is why we are organising a number of fundraising activities to ensure the long-term financing of this new area of our social action.

Last year we were able to finalise the Paro project: the Cognitive Behavioural Unit of the Robert Schuman Hospitals now has an emotional robot to provide an adapted response to demented patients in behavioural crisis. Other projects are in preparation.

We therefore rely on your support, generosity and diversity to help us achieve our goals
See you soon.

Aurelia mari
Aurelia MARI

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